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Averd Co., Ltd.
specializes in power-saving lighting based on unrivaled stabilizer technology.
Business Fields
Fish Attracting Light
Parking lot lights
Factory Lights
factory light
Factory Lights
Lighting fixtures for a high ceiling
Uses :
Factory / Warehouse / Indoor gym
Possible to select an on/off type or dimming type in accordance with the use.
AVERD’s dimming control system for factory lights enables the administrator to do dimming control or on/off control of each zone and to remotely control them with a smartphone. In addition, it is possible to illuminate to the maximum even during dimming control by using sensors in parallel.
Control Method:
- 로Local dimming controller (LDC): to be installed in the site in the factory to control.
- Central control system (CCS): PC-based control and monitoring.
- Smartphone application: possible to remotely control and monitor.
Nano coating to improve diffusivity/reflective efficiency.
Tempered glass used.
Over 15 year’s life expectancy of lighting fixtures.
Lamp 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W Electrodeless.
Stabilizer. NHB electrodeless stabilizer.
Color rendering (CRI) > 83 Ra
Lamp life. 100.000 hours
LAMP ON/OFF LIFE > 1.000.000 times
Central control type dimming
Uses :
Streetlights / Factory lights / Intelligent building
The central controller issues a control command to the distribution board using CDMA communication or the Internet, and the on/off control for each light or for each zone using PLC or ZigBee in the distribution board is made.
With two-way communication applied, the failure situation is reported to the central control center.
Communication control diagram.
Communication and control method.
Installation case of Tunnel Lights (Gyeongju radioactive waste graveyard)
In October 2012, we installed about 300 induction sensor dimming lights in the tunnel section of Gyeongju radioactive waste graveyard.
They are still working in 9 years without any problems.
Power saving by 58% on average (71% compared to metalhalide)
Supervising company's technical review