Business Fields
Averd Co., Ltd.
specializes in power-saving lighting based on unrivaled stabilizer technology.
Business Fields
Fish Attracting Light
Parking lot lights
Factory Lights
Street light
Induction Streetlights
Innovative streetlights with auto schedule dimming (ASD) technology applied for a long life (for 10 year) and power saving to maximize economic feasibility.
Differentiated Performance
Streetlight using an induction lamp
It's an ideal streetlight with super-long life, excellent identifiability, and excellent power saving.
What is the auto schedule dimming system?
The unique function all over the world that allows streetlights to automatically adjust their brightness stably over time from lighting hour to turning-off hour based on the input program.
Benefits of Induction Streetlight
High economic feasibility
Long life (100,000 hours)
Low maintenance cost
ROI in 3 years
Excellent identifiability
High color rendering and low brilliance
Power saving
Up to 75% comapred to high-pressure sodium light
Preventing of light pollution
ASD (Auto Schedule Dimming) function of Streetlight
Automatic Schedule Dimming (ASD) System
Main uses :
Streetlights, security lights, garden lights (up to 40% power saving compared to general products)
Microcomputer and program built-in for control
  • Suitable for turning on the light at the same time as in streetlights
  • As soon as the power is turned on, the microcomputer calculates the time and controls the brightness automatically by time zone
  • No need for a central control system for dimming. (Saving the cost significantly)
Dimming Time Schedule
Energy saving by 40% comapred to ON/OFF type streetlights
Energy saving by 75% compared to high-pressure sodium streetlights
Problems with existing streetlights
  • Short life expectancy, 2.5 years on average
  • Low identifiability, low CRI and Low S/P
  • Low efficiency: 76 Plm/Watt
High-pressure sodium
  • Short life expectancy, 2.5 years on average
  • Low identifiability, low CRI and Low S/P
  • Red-toned light that interferes with plant growth
  • Too much blue light contained interferes with sleep and causes damage to the retina.
  • Low quality of light, high glare, low diffusivity, light shaking.
  • Lack of economic feasibility: for a higher quality, the cost goes higher
Comparison of streetlights by type
Lamp life
Color rendering
Glare Flicker
Metalhalide250W 9,000 76 56 HIGH
LED200W 3000K 30,000 130 75 VERY HIGH
High-pressure sodium.450W 12,000 68 28 MODERATE
Dimming induction.200W 5,000K
(120W on average with ASD applied)
100,000 134 83 VERY LOW
Case of installing streetlights (Back street of Changwon Prison)