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specializes in power-saving lighting based on unrivaled stabilizer technology.
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Fish Attracting Lights
Case of Installation
Basic Specifications
Lighting fixtures' body material: PBT resin with glass fiber 20%.
Diffusing plate material: Heat-resistant transparent PC
Materials of Screws and Parts: Stainless Steel
Weight: 7kg.
Name of the product Dimming fish attracting lights
Types of lamps Induction lamp with optimal spectrum
Power consumption. 200W
Input voltage 100-277V 40/60HZ 200W Constant power type
Dimming function. Brightness adjustable (20 to 100%, world's first and unique patented technology).
Patent NHB technology (global patent) / Electrodeless dimming technology / Fish attracting light structure
Product Strengths
Effect of increasing the catch
  • An average of 20% to 30% increase in catch compared to that with the existing fish attracting lights (Test results in Japan)
  • The eco-friendly light is harmless to both fish and people, and is very effective in fish attracting as it has a spectrum close to natural (solar) light.
  • Dimming (adjusting the brightness of light) is a very important function in increasing the catch as adjusting fish attracting lights prevents the fish from going deep into the water
    (Developed and utilized the ASIC of world patent technology for dimming the electrodeless lamps)
Effect of reducing oil costs and CO2 emissions
  • Effect of reducing oil consumption by up to 70% compared to that with the existing fish attracting lights.
    - The existing fish attracting light of 1.5 to 2KW can be replaced with a Dreamstar light of 200W.
  • Significant reduction in oil consumption and overall operation costs due to power saving.
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emission by up to 70% due to reduction in oil consumption
  • Reduction in investment costs by minimizing generator capacity.
    - No need for a separate generator for fish attracting lights.
    - Generator capacity can be reduced to at least 1/10 or less.
    - Increase in the utilization of ships by reducing the additional cost of generators and the weight/size of generators.
  • Increase in number of fishing operation days.
    - Extend the number of fishing operation days with the same amount of oil by reducing the oil consumption.
  • Remove the need to turn off the fish attracting lights for a certain period of time due to overheating of the fish attracting lights when working on board.
    - Dream Star lamp doesn't have an overheating issue.
  • There is no risk of ship fire or burns to the crew, so the working environment is improved.
Long life
DREAMSTARM Existing fish attracting lights Comparison
Lamp life 60 months or longer 3 months 20 times
Stabilizer life 60 months or longer 30 months 2 times
  • 2 years warranty (Period of real use: 5 years or longer)
  • Cost saving at least 50%
  • Effect of 10 times or more when considering the increase in catch and the reduction in fuel cost
Saving of maintenance cost
  • Little or no maintenance cost
  • Replacing cost of fish attracting light is 1/10 or lower than that of existing one.
Applicable to all types of fishing ships
  • Applicable to fishing boats for cutlassfish, squid, cuttlefish and other fish, which use many fish attracting lights
  • Possible to adjust dimming according to the fish species and situation
How to install and use the product
specification how to install and use
01 / How to install
Installation of 70% of the number of existing fish attracting lights
Small type
- To be installed in the middle of the fishing boat.
- Possible to control up to 30 fish attracting lights with one controller.
Medium/large type
- To be installed on the side of the fishing boat.
- Possible to use the existing device as it is.
02 / How to use
At first, to be turned on with the brightness of 100% to start to work
While working, using the fish finder, from the time when the fish slightly go down, start gradual dimming by 10% increment.
Deciding when to start dimming and adjusting the dimming range requires experience.
Based on this, brightness needs to be controlled under optimal conditions