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specializes in power-saving lighting based on unrivaled stabilizer technology.
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NHB Ballast
Core technology for Ballast
NHB (New Half-Bridge) Technology
Developed Averd's patented technology differentiated from existing technologies.
It is a new technology that modulates frequency and pulse width at the same time for power control, and we developed an ASIC for commercialization.
The lifespan of the fluorescent lamp has been extended because it is electrodeless.
Patent registration. Certification.
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Existing induction Ballast. Averd's NHB Induction Ballast.
Life of Ballast. 2 to 3 years. 15-20 years.
Dimming range. Insufficient reliability. 10 to 100%. (Commercialized successfully)
Dimming control method. Control of frequency only. Control of frequency and pulse width at the same time.
* Multiple dimming control methods are applicable, so it can be applied to various Smart City and Smart Factory platforms.
NHB Ballast for fluorescent lamp
Target lamps :
T5 HE, T5 HO, T8, FPL, PL fluorescent lamps
An innovative Ballast that can extend the lamp life up to 100,000 hours while dimming.
As the circuit operates stably during dimming, no light shaking phenomenon occurs.
Input 180-280V
Frequency. 50-60 kHz
Dimming signal. Phase control
Dimming range. 5-100%
Lighting method. Program start
Permissible range of input voltage +/- 20%
Operable ambient temperature. 60 °C
Case surface temperature (Max) 80 °C
Power factor circuit. Active
Operating frequency. 42-50 kHz
Power factor, THD > 98%, <10%
NHB Ballast for Induction Dimming
Highly reliable induction dimming Ballast successfully developed first in the world
Many global companies, including Osram and Philips, have attempted to develop dimming Ballast for induction lamps since more than 20 years ago, but they failed due to problems such as narrow dimming range, light shaking and light turned off, and damage to the Ballast. However, Averd succeeded in developing with NHB technology.
Division 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W
Operating frequency. 130 kHz
Input voltage. 180 ~ 277V (50 / 60Hz)
THD Less than 15%
Power factor. > 98
Current at 220V. 0.37 0.46 0.56 0.70 0.92
Range of brightness adjusted. 15~100% 15~100% 14~100% 12~100% 10~100%
Power fluctuation range. 30~100% 28~100% 26~100% 23~100% 20~100%