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Averd Co., Ltd.
specializes in power-saving lighting based on unrivaled stabilizer technology.
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Parking lot lights
Dust-proof lighting fixtures for parking lot
Uses :
Underground parking lot / Stairs / Hallway
Production of standardized reliable lighting fixtures to secure price competitiveness through mass production.
Since the parking lot is a public place, it is not desirable to apply the on/off method for power saving, so dimming type power-saving lighting must be installed. It is possible to control in group of 10 to 100 lights by connecting to the sensor.
Microwave sensor.
Sensing distance: 6 to 12 meters.
Possible to save power by up to 75%
1When using 24 hours a day, possible to extend the lamp life to more than 15 years.
Possible to identify objects under dimming conditions.
Lamp T8 32W
Stabilizer. NHB “ADB-2321E” Dimming stabilizer.
Lighting fixtures' material. Poly Carbonate
Color rendering (CRI) 83 Ra
Lamp life. More than 100,000 hours (possible to use for more than 15 years)
Lamp on/off life. > 10.000.000 times
Dimming range. 8 - 100%
Case of installing parking lot lights (November 2010, motion sensor dimming lights in KT Mokdong parking lot)
Before the motion sensor operates
After the motion sensor operates
Return of investment (ROI) period > About 1 year (65% power saving)
KT's self-test results - 65% power saving